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what about/cosmology

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post

Back to that? The expansion of Universe is a misapprehension of the red-shift observations. There are structurally conjoined features with vastly different red-shifts, un-explainable as expansion.

The ability to sense low-temperature gases and dust has improved recently.
I bring it up,since they didn't mention any of it.Other journal articles in NATURE,SCIENCE that I've read brought the interdisciplinary material into the presentation.They speak as if no one's considered what they've done in the past 45-years.Perhaps their original paper goes into greater length.Don't know.Typically,there will be hundreds of citations from prior research.
Sure,everything can be improved,and is over time.
Glad you're okay with re-learning everything about cosmology every six years.I think I've lost all interest in it,if they can be this fickle.
I suppose the astronomers who've measured things will be surprised that their entire careers were just hallucinations.
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