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Thank you for posting this outside of Fascesbook.

Spent most of my youth
Out hobo cruising
And all I got for proof
Is rocks in my pockets and dirt in my shoes
So goodbye nonbeliever
Don't you know that I hate to leave here
So long babe, I got the flashback blues.

Photographs show the laughs
Recorded in between the bad times
Happy sailors dancing on a sinking ship
Cloudy skies and dead fruit flies
Waving goodbye with tears in my eyes
Well, sure I made it but ya know it was as hell of a trip.

John Prine - Flashback Blues
In the 1970s I made myself a promise that I'd drive VW Beetles until I could go past flying cars and get a straight-up UFO. Over the years that decision has come back to bite me. My Plan A is currently to settle for an Arcimoto FUV.

I currently have a 35' R-license park model Airstream. If I had any social capital at all, I'd revolutionize tiny houses.
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