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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
But I don't want a spaceship, I want a car that's reasonably pleasant to drive :-) I might like an EV, but the problem with a Tesla is that while the electric drive is great, the rest of it really sucks at being a driveable car. Glass roof? Big LED screen glaring at you? No tactile feedback in any of the controls? And let's not even get into autopilot - if I wanted someone (or some thing) else to drive for me, I'd hire a chauffeur.
I was just saying this to my older brother last night. We both have visited our younger brother in NJ over the past couple weeks and seen his Model 3. I would love a Tesla, but I want one without the glass roof, the stupid video games and electronic knick-knacks, the clumsy door handles.

One of the founders of bicycle manufacturer Cervelo, Gerard Vroomen said in an interview years ago before he left the company (and it all went downhill IMO), don't confuse features with benefits--someone had asked him why Cervelo wasn't building a beam bike, and he said there wasn't any advantage to a beam bike, it was a feature, not a benefit. The glass roof, etc. are expensive features, but I don't see them as benefits.

I've said as much on this site before, but I want an electric car with manual door locks, roll-up windows, and no power steering. I won't ever get such a thing unless I build or modify it myself.

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