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Thanks KSA. I knew about the fuel pressure stuff already though. The 2000+ Rangers run about 55-60 psi on the fuel rail already. The stock injectors are rated at 18# at 43 psi/3 bar so yes they do flow more than 18#. 43 psi seems to be some sort of standard rating benchmark so even if I did the math to find out what they actually flow I couldn't use that number to find the new ones. Most everything is listed/rated at 43 psi. I need to hold somewhat true to the 18# rating.

Thanks bonestock. I would love to do a tune but I've heard they are rather expensive. I'm sure it would help quite a bit though. I have no clue as to how it's done anyhow or where I would have to go. I'm sure they would need the truck to read the computer and see what it has "learned" as to how I drive, and then make adjustments from there. I would love to drop the mechanical fan and just use the electric one. And I'm pretty sure Ford left some mileage on the table with a rather conservative stock tune.

If anyone has any more insight on the "tuning" process I'm all ears. There probably isn't much out here in Cornfield County Illinois for work like that though.

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