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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
What about:

"I had to go to the ATM machine to get money for my CVT transmission replacement."

I swear that I have heard people say "ATM machine" and "PIN Number" in the same sentence and I am sure that people have also used "hot water heater."

It is like they are taunting me! Everyone knows how ATMs work! "Oh really, tell me more about these magical machines that give you your own money! Do they require urine samples and ask you security questions?"

I wonder if that's primarily for auto journalists, who are traditionally old-school gearheads, and almost universally hate CVTs. Pet peeve: when reviewers say something like "the CVT is noisy when accelerating". No, it isn't. The engine may be noisy if the CVT permits it to stay at a steady, high RPM when under load.
Could you imagine if auto journalists knew what they were saying?

I was pretty impressed with the lengths Mitsu went to program the Mirage's CVT to be very efficient. Was able to beat my dad's Civic hybrid in a head-to-head city & highway MPG comparison. And I prefer driving the Mirage CVT to the Civic's.
How do their CVTs behave differently?

They're much better than traditional slushbox autos, but still aren't as efficient as a manual in the hands of a skilled eco-driver. Though the gap is closing. (That said, any use of EOC widens the gap considerably.)
Huh. People always claim that automatics are more efficient than humans, which is undoubtedly true of them, but I am smarter than average!

[I always figure they justified wasting money on a mentally disabled butler. What does that make CVTs? Butlers with learning disabilities?]
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