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Car ownership versus ride share calculator

I do not know how much the OEM heater core was used in Arizona, but it went out at least two years ago.

If I am so worried about replacing the heater core again, I could always delete the air conditioning.

I am positive that someone has compared different brake pads, but when I searched I only found general information about the types like this:

I wish that I could buy five sets off RockAuto, five sets (of the same brand) of rotors, take a day to test them, and see if anyone cares, but did I win Publisher's Clearinghouse?


[I had so many plans!]

I wish that I could buy five heater cores, examine then, and then what? Pressure test them?

By the way, I keep seeing Dave Ramsey fans telling people to use Uber or Lyft. The default settings in this calculator say I would spend over a quarter million dollars over ten years using Uber or Lyft: Ride or Drive. Somehow it estimates that I will save 40% by owning my own car. It asks about my loan, but has a checkbox for "I own my car outright."

Even though I told it I bought my $1,550 vehicle outright, it still showed me having a 2019 car worth $30,000 and a loan. When I fixed that it reset my 38 MPG to 25. It estimates $1,000 per year for repairs, but I average less than half that. It estimates $600 for insurance and that would probably be accurate if I only had one car.

I do not know where it got its gas prices, it says $2.30, but here it is $2.75, which is also the national average. $500 a year for parking? I doubt that I have paid $500 in my life. Property tax on garage?

You mean the gravel next to the driveway?

It says $72.75 yearly for registration and taxes. I renewed my Civic for five years for $65.50.

I was being optimistic.

"Other garage expenses."

Name one.

It now shows $11,615 yearly to own my own car. By default I spend an hour in my car every day and my time is worth $20.

I would love a self-driving car or a chauffeur, I could write my session notes between clients and still go straight from one to another.

Does anyone include tires in repairs? Costco charges $459.4 for set of 4 Michelin Defenders. They are rated for 80,000 miles, but I doubt that any salesman would look at tires with 60,000 miles and say they are good for another 20,000 miles.

If one tire picks up a nail too close to the sidewall and you need to replace it, which of you would only replace the one, possibly with a used tire?

If you figure that for whatever reason you will replace them in 60,000 miles and you drive 12,000 miles a year, that is $91.88 yearly.

I added that to the repairs. $11,707 a year to own and drive my own car, but aside from the notes, I do not really know what I would do while commuting. Read a book instead of listening to one?

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