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There's differences in different types of brake pads, but there's not differences in the same brake pads with different warranties. Like buying a warranty for bleach. How would it be defective, it's bleach. If it was defective, I'd just get more bleach, though it's highly unlikely to be defective.

I buy ceramic brake pads for vehicles I intend to keep a long time, but for vehicles I don't intend to keep for 10 years, I'll buy the cheap semi-metallic, with no extended warranty.

Heater cores; they're made of aluminum, right? What would a super expensive one have over a cheap one? I suppose it could have thicker aluminum. Weigh them to tell which one has more material? Seems like one of those things that the Chinese would just make an exact copy of the OEM part (which also probably was made in China).

Uber instead of own a vehicle- probably fine for an urbanite that doesn't ever go hiking. How do you Uber a ride up an old logging road? I'd be all about it if I made good use of time and could discipline myself into being productive while being chauffeured to my destination.
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