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I do not see how I could have afforded ride sharing in the Phoenix area, thirteen work trips a week, up to half an hour apart. According to Ride Guru, a 20-mile ride that would take 29 minutes would cost $25 through Uber. Lyft would be $26, something called TotalRide would be $38, and a taxi would be $54. I did not always need to drive half an hour, but I had plenty of forty-five-minute drives, and a few that were sixty minutes, and not because of construction or other delays.

$25 x 13 = $325.

Per week.

Page didn't have either, but it was 1.4 miles. I probably should have ridden my bike.

We have Lyft up here and it would cost $27 for a 21-mile and 28-minute ride. I have averaged 10 hours a week, so it would cost at least $200 a week, and if I ever maintained twenty hours a week, it could be $400 - $500 weekly.

I have been seeing clients for just over a year. I may someday average twenty hours a week, but it is entirely possible that I would not. If I did, that would be much more than I have ever earned, and it would open up some pleasant opportunities.

Or not-so-pleasant. I have not been to grad school, I cannot say, but with a Master's I could get a 10-month SLP salary job up here starting at $50,000, see another five clients in-town, and that would be worth well over an additional $10,000 yearly. If I worked summers at the hospital it would pay $5,000 a month.

All that I want to do is speech therapy, but I look for relevant jobs almost every day. I have only ever seen one opening up here, it would have paid less, and the day after the owner hired someone, she moved out of state.

The business did not survive.

The other day I looked through Craigslist and Indeed for a second job--any job. There were not many jobs that paid better than what I currently earn, and each of them would require another two years of school or training.

Maybe I should pick up some minimum wage job until I figure out how to be worth more, but tonight I went through Indeed again, and I went further back than 30 days.

I found a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant posting from almost three months ago. It does not specify pay or hours, but honestly, that is not especially important. It says part-time, so if I could see students Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and maintain my current schedule, I can survive off my normal pay. I would hate to work for minimum wage, but even $11 an hour, and 10 hours a week would be $300 or so more than I currently earn each month (after taxes and everything).

More importantly, hopefully I could finally apply to Northern Arizona's summers-only program, and hopefully, for the first time in my career, I would have an actively supervising supervisor that could help me be a better therapist.

I redid my résumé and applied. I hope to hear back soon!
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