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Originally Posted by EcoCivic View Post
Well I have an update. My transmission went out after 243K, so I installed that JDM SLXA transmission that's been sitting around for the last 3 years. This transmission is geared shorter than the OEM trans.... My RPM going 60 has increased from around 2300 to around 2900.....
My 2008 manual Hyundai Accent had 2980rpms at 60MPH. Wanted a higher geared transmission, but settled for used, but bigger wheels/tires. Over 3 years ago, I went from 175x70x14 inch wheels/tires to 195x65x15 inch wheels/tires. Eventually, I moved up again, to 205x65x15 inch tires(nice fit in wheel wells, but close to mudflaps), with rpms reduced to 2730 at 60MPH. Very happy with my decision, specially for the dirt cheap, but well performing tires I've gotten. Big bumps to the Accent are swallowed much better with the big tires, handling is much better & the Accent belongs on the highway, now. Last summer, eighteen tanks in a row were over 40MPG with highs of 45, 47+, & 48+MPG. Never had over 45MPG, previously. Have a second car that got the big tire treatment & that car is sweeter to drive, also.

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