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Underside is standard and not aerodynamic.
I can put panels there, but how to attach them safe?
Is there a DIY way of hubcaps? or can I buy these somewhere online? (Europe?)
Also what is better, pan style flat hubcaps or lightweight alloy wheels like vw lupo 3L wheels.
They are 4.5 kilo each and bolt pattern is the same, just the center needs to bored out a little.
I dont know what a standard 14 inch steel wheel weights.
Two factors:
Weight — they carry angular momentum which can be more than the static weight. Makes a difference speeding up and slowing down, not so much at a steady pace.

Aero — a smooth cap will have lowest Cd but poor brake cooling. You're choice. dzus-fastened-moon-disc-wheel-covers-32996.html fasteners-20563.html

Dzus fastners can be used for the belly pan and the wheel disks.

Change my, you know, the thing.

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