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The EV charging industry is way less inviting than I was hoping

- J1772 chargers appear to be 230V input
- ChaDemo .. or some variant ... also appear to be 230V but can be 208V 3 phase

Anything higher than 'Level II' is apparently a secret ... and you need to be a dealer ... or have an NDA ... or some other strange silliness ... in order to get information.

No one appears to be taking 'green-washing of dirty industrial sites' as an opportunity to sell/install some product.

If anyone has info on a set of chargers that will co-operate between themselves to 'share' a 600 amp feed at 575VAC 3 phase ... please get me some contact information.

I have 30 parking spots. Not all need to charge all of the time ... for example, 1 charger with an appropriately long charge cable could service 2 or 3 parking spots. But each parking spot not covered by a 'quick charger' would at least get a dedicated 20A 208V weather-resistant receptacle.

Are there any vendors out there that will share some information?

This is an industrial site, that is not selling charging services, but that would like to provide charging for employees and contractors in exchange for looking like a progressive, eco-friendly company. I'm sure that the project will get pasted onto some corporate literature ... so there may be additional sales as other sites seek to implement a solution that has already had the details worked out.
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