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Originally Posted by hayden55 View Post
reiterate: No probably not. I don't actually know what the spec for ATF would be in your application, but you will lose a couple percent in FE since you're a couple degrees colder than optimal.

I would just plug your lines, and run a test loop with and without and see what the difference was. I used to have a 5 mile test loop I used on the mustang.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your help. I have heard that the torque converter stall speed increases as the oil temp increases because the thinner oil flows through the torque converter easier. Is there any truth to that?

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I could test how stall speed changes with oil temperature pretty easily: Warm up the engine to operating temp, warm the trans up to ~200 degrees, test the stall speed (press the brake, put trans in D, floor it briefly, and see what RPM the engine will rev to). Then cool the trans off to ~100 degrees by spraying the cooler with water while the engine is running until it cools off, and retest stall speed to see how much it changes, if at all. If 100 degrees of oil temp difference doesn't measurably affect stall speed, the difference is certainly negligible.

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