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Is the answer to everything "Become a realtor?!"

Meet Kevin and Graham Stephen always talk to people in their twenties (or earlier!) that make at least $100,000 a year, sometimes far more. They make it sound easy, like anyone can do it.

So why is the median household income $61,372? People are lazy and people are stupid, but do millions of Americans sit at home saying "You know, I could live in a double-wide with a good roof, but I feel that working at McDonald's makes me a more well-rounded person?"

Well, Google searches are free, but everything that I found was real estate and\or stupid. How about this list?

4. Proofreader ($17-$30 per hour) perfect if you can work 3,333 - 5,882 hours per year (full-time is 2,000).
7. Teach English online with VIPKID (up to $25 per hour, 4,000 hours)
8. Bookkeeper (between $30,000-$60,000 per year, so you need two full-time jobs?)
9. Customer Service Representative (around $13 per hour to start, 7,692 hours)
10. Answer surveys ($1.75 an hour, 57,143 hours, seven years' worth)

I did find one interesting lead, but unless you somehow get millions of followers through blogging, social media, etc., everything said "Real estate."

This is one of the guys that I watch:
  1. In order to earn $100,000, you need to sell $5,200,000. Divide that by the median home value, in my county it is $201,200. I will explain why I am not using my town's average of $235,000, and see how many you need to sell in a year (26).
  2. On average, a new realtor needs to talk to 180 people in order to sell one house. 180 x 26 = 2,680. 2,680 / 365 = 13 conversations each day.
  3. For every 90 minutes you knock doors, you should talk to 13 people, so 90 minutes a day x 365 days should equal 26 sales worth $5,200,000, and $100,000 in salary.

Fun fact: My town's population is 11,000, so I would need to talk to someone in every home in town. That is why I used the county average, there are 108,000 people in Navajo County, so at least it would be possible, but there are 96 realtors in my area. As far as I know, they averaged 7 sales each last year, so a new guy selling four times as much as veterans sounds challenging.

I thought about this with the Matterport. You could ask the other realtors in your brokerage to offer your services to their clients, but I think that if you pull out your iPad and you show someone a 3d tour of a home like theirs, plus the associated services, and say "I charge $400 for this package. I have expensive equipment and it takes me a few hours, but I will do this for $100 for people who agree to sell houses with me," some people would go for it, and you would have something to set you apart from everyone else.

Or--hear me out--I hope that I get a second interview for a part-time school speech job here in-town. It would pay as much as selling three houses, but hopefully I can finally apply to NAU's summers-only program, and in a couple of years, hopefully I would have a job earning $50,000 - 60,000 a year.

That is far from $100,000 this year, but it does not require me knocking on every single door in-town in just one year, and if I saw clients on the side, I could reach the $100,000 mark--unless, I have mentioned, I went rogue.

The state pays $70.99 for every hour that I see clients in Tucson, Flagstaff, and the Phoenix area, but in rural areas like Page and Show Low, it pays $88.74, and my agency passes most of that increase to us. The state pays $78.82 - 114.76 for an SLP, so if I ran my own agency and saw 871 clients in a year, 17 a week, I would make $100,000.
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