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Originally Posted by dubber View Post
Also what is better, pan style flat hubcaps or lightweight alloy wheels like vw lupo 3L wheels.
Lighter wheels are always better.
Lighter and more aerodynamic if you can

Your fake alloys / aka hubcaps only add weight and don't help to reduce drag - so remove them.

But buying another set of wheels is never going to pay for them through slightly reduced fuel use, not even @ our fuel prices.
Lupo 3L wheels are usually fairly expensive - it's a rare cult thing ...
I didn't buy a set for these reasons
Though they would fit perfectly as is.

replacing the mirrors with small camera,s with a screen inside the car, would that help out a lot?
It'd help
But it's illegal in Europe
Lots of mods you see on US vehicles, are not allowed here.

With yearly inspections, mods must be easily reversible too.

Inflate your tyres to the max the car and suspension can take.
Start with the pressure advised for full load, and add 0,2 or 0,3 bar every week or so
If it becomes bouncy (especially the rear), reduce pressure again.
You can run higher pressure up front (engine weight) than at the rear (very light without passengers/load)

Your Twingo is a light, older car, so it's easy to get a bouncy suspension.

Change your driving style
Let it roll out of gear (coasting / gliding with the engine on)
Yes, it'll use fuel, but it'll roll far, far further than in gear (using no fuel)
Below about 20 km/h, there's not much more benefits

Accelerate or keep on the gas only as long as you need to coast to the next turn, stop, ... or generally anywhere where you must slow down.
Takes some practice.

Ride your car like a bike
You don't accelerate or keep pedalling when you need to slow down a bit further either ...

There's a lot of FE to be gained by changing how you drive, rather than modding the car ...
Mods often need to be quite extreme (like a boattail) to also be very effective
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