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Originally Posted by dubber View Post
Underside is standard and not aerodynamic.
I can put panels there, but how to attach them safe?
zip ties through holes, around solid , stationary parts

screw it into a wooden frame

It needs an service so I have a option to use the best oil available (but wich one?)
If it's not using oil, the thinnest oil allowed

You won't get the price of expensive "longlife" oil back through reduced fuel use, especially not if the oil needs changing often (as the car is older)

Tire pressure is about 2.4 to 2.6 bar.
You might be able to go a bit higher on the front
Above 2.6 rear might start to get bouncy

I am driving relative economical, it means not above 110 kp/h
Slow down to 100 if you want to use less fuel.

You can get very good FE following trucks - but that's @ 85-90 kph (real, not tacho)
Just don't get in their way

steady driving,
Is not always the best technique though ...

minimum breaking
Good start
Now, start to see slowing down by lifting the throttle as "braking" as well, and try to avoid that, too

(you can't always avoid it, and it's more efficient than the foot-brake, but it's still braking ... meaning you kept gassing on for too long )

But not like a very old person and not annoying all the other road users.
Don't floor the throttle
If you notice you do, lift the throttle a bit
Accelerating @ 80% throttle or so, is generally very efficient
(efficient in fuel use for the HP produced, but it still guzzles fuel when seen / 100km ...)
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