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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
You trashed the tyre thingies as they weren't helping aero, then add a spoiler that's very unlike to help aero either ?

Reading is fundamental in this day and age...

I've asked a question about the design intent of the tire spats. They help reduce drag and are quite effective in their simplicity vs. productivity and I have no intent on removing them, nor have I stated as much. I've have asked aloud what the inboard opening's function is on the spat as I'm about to add a panel ahead of them that flattens out the section ahead of the spat and in my mind will provide better airflow to the spat, and I said as much.

The spoiler, if you read further up, is part of the lower drag aero package for the Corolla LE Eco. My car is the plain ole LE. So I'm adding the bits I can afford off the aero package of the LE Eco to my LE (total package is spoiler, front underfloor add-on panel, and center underfloor add-on panels x 4). It provides for a drag reduction from .29 to .28, as published by Toyota. So instead of grasping in the dark, where I can afford it, and it is cost effective (the 4 center underfloor panels are not at around $430 for the set when all said and done), I'm going with known drag reductions for this car. The spoiler is part of that package. The spoiler is of the flat variety with effectively no angle of attack at the trailing edge. I've sharpened the trailing edge on the spoiler to hopefully further increase the turbulent kinetic energy in attempt to enhance the wake energy into the base area. Furthermore, for $37, if it doesn't function as I like I have a carrier for improvements that bolts onto the car without having to create such out of thin air. $37 well spent IMHO.

So, in summation, you've not read the thread and then made a fundamental judgement on what you think I'm doing.

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