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Bad Car Ads Coffee Table Book, the thread!

What are the worst car ads that you have seen? Metro liked this picture that I shared in the beater thread:

I saw one like this, but it disappeared when I came back to save the picture:

Here are some shamelessly stolen from Jalopnik:

The Yugo Whale with blinking red eyes:

Girlfriend pregnant, wife mad, and the car is full of random junk that you need to take:

Free car that came buried in the back of my property when I bought it. There is a possible mob connection. I keep trying to bury it completely, but it reappears every spring. You need to dig it out and haul it away. Please fill in the hole:

Will trade my $4,000 Mustang for a 454:

Just a normal car in a normal ad, but they do not happen to explain the Batmobile in the next two spots:

What do you get when you very poorly combine an antique truck and a fifth-generation Grand Am?

4,000 pounds of regret:

Free McHammer pajamas:

Excuse me on many levels, but what is an Ass Taurus?

Yeah, I am not sharing their top two. You can track them down (and see the original swear words for the Butt Taurus) here:

Have you guys seen any especially bad car ads?

By the way, is Google reverse image search working for everyone else? It shows me an error or irrelevant messages, says "For matching images, try search by image," I click on it, and it takes me to the main page.

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