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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
Over 3 years ago, I went from 175x70x14 inch wheels/tires to 195x65x15 inch wheels/tires. Eventually, I moved up again, to 205x65x15 inch tires..... Big bumps to the Accent are swallowed much better with the big tires..... & the Accent belongs on the highway, now.
The road that shows the most benefits from the larger tires, is the Highway 2 west bound trestle as it approaches Everett, WA from the East. Within the last year & a half, it was repaved with very smooth & quiet pavement. However, the joints on the trestle are wide & they didn't pave close enough to the joints. With our larger car, which doesn't have the large tire treatment like our smaller car, the trestle tire thumping is disconcerting. The smaller lighter Accent, with tires that are 6/10's of an inch GREATER in diameter, than on the larger car, has a nicer(less thumping) time on the trestle.
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