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It's been a while since I've actually done any aeromods to this car. But today, that changed--I finally added the front wheel strake fairings (from a 2018 Ford C-Max hybrid) I've had laying around for several months now. I added a flat piece of plastic to close off the channel in the factory undertray at the front and attached the fairing to it; the Gorilla tape is just to seal edges, everything is attached with extra Toyota OEM plastic fasteners I had left over from adding a JDM panel to the front underbody panel to close up two of the larger holes.

Because of the way the undertray is shaped, they sit a little lower and slightly further inboard than they do on the Ford, about even with the lower edge of the enlarged strakes. We'll see what effect all this has on drag when I do the coastdown testing in the next few weeks (I'm going to try and finish the front wheel arch air curtains before I do that).

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