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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
Yikes, that doesn't sound good. Temps here are nothing like Phoenix, but July and August get pretty hot. I wonder if the space between the cells actually hurts the cooling unless the fan speed is bumped up. The Sanyo D cells in the Escape hybrid seem to hold up well, but they also have a cooling system better than some EV batteries.

I guess I'll have to get all the loose modules clamped together in the Camry pack and start checking capacity and reconditioning.
I have very strong opinions about the cooling. I would encourage you to read the following and draw your own conclusion regarding how well you can get airflow to go around a cylinder/sphere:

Note that turbulent flow has almost no ability to cool compared to attached laminar or near laminar flow.

The cooling system was DESIGNED for the prismatic modules. IMHO, the cooling system has been rendered completely ineffective regardless of fan speed.

The FEH Sanyo cells are the same as in the 2006-2011 Honda Civic Hybrid. The 2009-2011 HCH2 HV battery is the worst ever made with a 30% failure rate after 3-4 years. 2006-2008 was the second worst with 16% failure rate after 5-7 years. Yet the FEH has one of the most reliable batteries ever made.

The cooling system of the Prius "kits" are more like the HCH2 without the benefit of staggered cells.

This guy sounds like a nut, but he makes what sound like good points:

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