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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
It's cool to see another Volt on here, there aren't too many of us!

The G1 Volt is an amazing car and a careful driver can drive it many, many miles over the estimated 35 mile EV range.

My G1 Volt showed 50 miles estimated EV range at one time with no mods and only using the on-board instrumentation. It wasn't as easy to hypermile as my 2018 Volt (since it didn't have hold mode or the cheat paddle for regen on the steering wheel) but it was an awesome car to drive

It'll be interesting to see what you can accomplish with a couple of mods!

Here's the link to my Volt thread - I tried to document some of the stuff I learned on the fly as I navigated the ins and outs of driving it, you may find some useful info there
Great to see another Volt owner! I commented on your thread and I think it is super useful even though I was only able to skim through it mostly. I have it bookmarked to read deeper later when I have more time. I want to be able to hit 50 miles like you did however I think it was more impressive to see the consistently high mileage from a majority of your trips. I am looking to see if I can regularly get over 38-40 miles on my battery. I don't think 50 is feasible due to my pack size though :/.
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