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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
Me too. After reading this and other threads here and at Priuschat, I've pretty much decided that when my battery craps out I'll just replace it with a new OEM battery and be done with it. It's only ~$300 more than those D-cell replacements, and you don't have to take apart your old battery.

Anyone know if the warranty on a new OEM battery is the same as the original?
This question kills me. How can anyone think it's remotely reasonable? 8-10yr/100-150K on a car that is OUT of warranty (older and higher mileage).

Of course not. Since 1/2016, 3 years. Prior to that, it was only 1 year.

A new Toyota battery is NOT drop-in. You have to transfer the electronics bay, relays, top air dam, vent hoses, etc. to the new battery. You have to pull the cover and attach new main leads and safety plug and properly torque those 4 nuts.

It's not much work, but you will have to pay the $1500 core charge unless you properly strip your core, but you'll most certainly want to have the two together, so you don't miss anything.
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