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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Nothing surprises me in CA. I'm not for big nanny state government, but that said, I am for local government making whatever laws they want so long as they don't conflict with the constitution.

The federal government has far too much reach, when the original intention was for local government to govern themselves. If people don't like it, they can vote to change it or leave.

Californians seem to be more willing to trade peace of mind illusion of safety for liberty than others, something which they are entitled to do.

Do I think the environment will measurably improve with the passing of this law; no. It was probably intended to protect jobs, and possibly to protect real estate prices.
Thatís how I read it. Californians, even in their coldest markets, have such a big buy-in if they buy a property, that I think they do get a bit paranoid about protecting their property values.

On the flip side, it was my observation growing up that the Everyman is too busy affording life there to have much left over for political engagement, so the ground got taken up by the progressive, wealthy folks who could afford to spend some time on it, not unlike how conservative oil wealth still dominates in Texas. Even growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, I think it would have been rather intimidating to be a conservative or libertarian voice in California.

If itís a job preservation thing, Texas, like many states (and UNlike California), requires annual safety inspections, something which struck me as very non-Texan when I moved here. I suspect it has less to do with safety than making sure shops get an annual chance to scare folks into marginally needed repairs they just so happen to be able to perform right there!

So like you, I fail to be surprised when something like this pops up in CA, a place I still love and miss dearly. But it only gets press because of its own reputation; I am sure there are other cities across the nation with something similar, and Iíll bet if you donít like this, nearly any HOA would make you gag.

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