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I think my favorite thing about my Volt is the torque it has off the line. Sometimes when I'm not trying to save electrons I really just enjoy being the fastest car when the light turns green. It's the little bit of adrenaline I get on these spurts of action that keep me sane haha. Also not having to pay for electricity is super nice as my work pays for my charging. My commute is free!
Those are two benefits of driving an EV that most people don't realize exist.

My Volt is quick off the line! There's a lot of instant torque in an EV that you have to spool up for in an ICE. And if I need to change lanes I don't have to wait for an opening in the cars behind me, I can make my own opening between the cars up ahead. Sometimes on Friday evening I throw it in sport mode and rip it up all the way home and get it out of my system. I hypermile it all week long, but I am still human!

Charging for free at work is awesome! I haven't spent money on my commute since they start letting me charge here at work with my first Volt a couple of years ago.

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