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I despise HOAs... and to make my wife happy am currently under one. People have the right to form HOAs, just as workers have the right to collectively bargain. We have the freedom to associate and contract how we wish, and that entails the freedom to set restrictions on ourselves (counter-intuitive).

That looks like the pickup my dad had when I was growing up, except his was a step-side. I'd ride on the step holding onto the rail as he drove short distances. It also didn't have seat belts.

Anyhow, Sac can do whatever they want because people don't have to live there. The only thing though, is that if new rules are implemented that diminish the value of property for someone, they need to be compensated. Oregon passed a law saying that if rezoning diminishes the value of property for someone, they are either grandfathered in to their original zoning regulations, or must be paid diminished value. So, if I purchased a place in Sac and worked on my vehicles, then the law changed banning it, I would seek compensation for the loss of my ability to maintain my own property (lawsuit). Seems like an easy one to win, I wouldn't even hire an attorney. You just have to prove that you were harmed by the new law.
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