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There's no number of weather records for a particular geographic region that will prove global warming, as it's the global average over time that tracks climate change.

It's the total heat energy carried by the earth that is relevant to the discussion of climate change. That will manifest in local weather, but local weather will not be proof of climate change.

Perhaps it's too hot where you are, but I'd need to see something more than an observation of 3 ambulances and a stuck bridge. Lets see how crop yields turn out, life expectancy, per capita income...

Global warming is a prime candidate for confirmation bias. We need as unbiased, objective observations as possible, which is why I appreciate Aerohead's contributions (not that he's unbiased, but that he largely presents relevant facts).

The whole point of me talking about "record low" temps here isn't to deny global warming to disprove climate change, but to prove the irrelevance of point in time and space measurements in drawing conclusions about a global trend.

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