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So I'm looking to blank off some radiator inlet area. Going to first concentrate on the middle slot, the one below the Toyota emblem.

The lead-in ducting for the radiator is non-existent. The radiator is plopped so many inches behind the intake. And it almost seems as though they've intentionally designed the airflow to partially blow around the radiator, for whatever reason, in certain conditions? Peering into the inlet and you can peer "around" the radiator and effectively see the engine. It's to me, an odd arrangement:

So I've been contemplating designing a rad blanking panel combined with a partial lead-in duct. I've made a template:

Obviously this lead-in duct will mitigate the possibility of air flowing around the side of the radiator by creating the barrier. However, note I haven't extended it the full height of the radiator inlet; air flowing into the slot inlet at the very top can go around, and air flowing into the large inlet at the bottom can do the same. I've only segregated the flow coming from the middle inlet below the Toyota emblem. That is, assuming it was partial design-intent to allow air to go around? That might not be right at all of course! Thoughts?
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