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Originally Posted by conor_v View Post
I'm glad to hear that the mirror delete was not much of an issue for you regarding law enforcement. I have knowledge on the law and I know it is perfectly legal in the states in which I drive. However, just because the law is on your side does not mean that the cops will not be a pain in your butt. You always here stories of that one cop...

Maybe the zip ties will work better for me? I'm not sure though. Did you see the gap between the cover and my wheel? I tried velcroing the edges however it did not help. The wheel covers only gave me positive fuel economy when they were taped down to the wheel... which did not last very long in the sun and the heat nor at highway speeds (55 mph)... I might just give up on them for now and figure out a better solution this weekend when I have time.

I think my favorite thing about my Volt is the torque it has off the line. Sometimes when I'm not trying to save electrons I really just enjoy being the fastest car when the light turns green. It's the little bit of adrenaline I get on these spurts of action that keep me sane haha. Also not having to pay for electricity is super nice as my work pays for my charging. My commute is free!
If they bother you, take them to court, get the ticket revoked and their job taken away for harassment and ignorance of the law.

Zip ties made the gap almost non existent, but the design of my Civic's OEM wheels made it hard to have zero gap. I tried taping the sides like you did, but it didn't last at all. The Civic HX rims I replaced them with had a lip on the edge so the covers were completely flush.

"My commute is free!" <-- lucky!

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