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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
The extremes would not have been possible if the average temperature had not risen accordingly. That's why they do matter.
The global warming trend is on a steady rise, as is the CO2 content in the atmosphere, which correlates precisely with the amount of carbon burnt by human activities.
If anything is a cult here it is denying the obvious.

That only 4% of Americans believe man-made climate change is their most important problem only goes to show the (perceived) severity of other issues, like their lack of trust in government - plus the effects of oil funded information campaigns.

The bridge was poorly designed, definitely. It is also used way heavier than envisioned, and due for replacement.

I drive a gasser not because I want to burn gas, but it was my best option at the time (2012). I use it with restraint, to say the least. Next car will be an EV. Am I allowed to have an opinion? Or is that reserved to those who don't care about the climate?
Last time I've flown for leisure was more than a decade ago. What really matters though is what the effect someone has in total, singling out one or two activities while ignoring the rest is a lowly approach.
It's called cherry picking.
Go back far enough ice free poles, rapid environmental changes, hundreds of feet of sea level change are normal.
Worried about global warming, ask a wolly mammoth, Saber tooth tiger, or dire wolf what real climate change looks like.
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