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later found

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
But then, why bother extending it further inboard with a framed "window" ?

Or they had designed a solid spoiler, and only later found out brake cooling could become an issue in some otherworldly scenario, kept the general design and its mounts, but made a hole in it ...

Which then can't explain how the same design ends up on 2 different cars :-/
That's exactly the thing an automaker can discover,once the prototype is constructed.Hucho has mentioned that features this small are hard to model in CFD and require wind tunnel verification,at full-scale.
They may have had the 'solid' taco fairing initially,only to find later, that they'd shot themselves in the foot,brake-cooling wise.Changing a small,thermo-formed piece of ABS plastic and it's tooling wouldn't be the sort of thing that would blow their budget.

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