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heat the air

Originally Posted by ASV View Post
its an idea that is almost good
the thing is its incomplete
you have to overcome the penalties you incur by taking some of the air away from the carefully curved and angled areas in the back that helps squeeze the car forward like a watermelon pip and by adding surface area

there are however ways that you can do that
primarily I think would be to heat the air so that it supplies -more- volume to the low pressure zone than it robs from the air foils of the body work
if you took that heat from the engine cooling system you could shrink or even eliminate
the radiator doubling up as it were on your benefit

If your tube was tapered like a long rocket cone ????
maybe even a little thrust
Incompressible,sub-sonic flow would make it impossible to generate expanded-air thrust.You'd have to be above 250-mph in a car before any effect could be achieved.Even the P-51 Mustang had to be going over 300-mph to get a little boost off its heat exchangers.
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