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decade or two

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Climate change is the change in weather over hundreds and thousands of years. A decade or 2 of hot years by the definition of climate change proves nothing, aside from the dooms day climate change believers being a cult.

Plus in the United States only 4% of Americans believe climate, pollution and environment is the most important issue. According to the Gallup poll that number normally stays around 3 or 4 percent.

The bride being warped from heat proves someone hired incompetent engineers, not climate change.

I don't understand how someone who drives a gas burner can say they care about climate change.
Almost like listening to someone who flys all over the world in a private jet and lectures people who can't afford a first class plane ticket about how they make too much CO2.
A decade or two of amplified arctic warming is enough for a large enough fresh water pulse to 'flip' the North Atlantic thermohaline conveyor,which would bring on another 'Little Ice Age',as in 1550.Throw in another Mount Agung-type volcanic eruption on top of that and you'd have a serious situation for many millions of people.And for a long time.
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