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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I could maybe see humanity collectively accepting the downclimb for a short duration so long as the other peak is sufficiently higher than the one they were atop, or the threat they are facing on their current peak so personally antagonizing that they can no longer stay where they are.

This topic reminds me of the philosophy scenario that asks if we owe Mickey Mouse anything. Most would say no because Mickey Mouse isn't real (as a sentient being). Following that question is whether we owe future generations (yet unborn) anything, considering they are no more real than Mickey Mouse...

That isn't a justification for not considering future generations, but I do think at the core of humanity is a short-term outlook and need to see immediate results. It's evidenced all around by things like the level of debt the typical person carries. We're all too willing to sacrifice future well-being for current well-being, with the current being "real" and the future being "hypothetical".
I'm not sure about the rest of the world,but in the USA,if we're to remain a nation as envisioned by the founding fathers,then it's an imperative of our Constitution to look out for all future generations.It's not optional.
NASA's mission statement at it's founding in 1958 included ' understand and protect or planet.'
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