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That's like 12 miles per kwh.
The best I can do in my leaf is about 5.5 miles per kwh.
Electric motor cycles usually don't break 10 miles per kwh.
It would have to average 5kw at 60 mph to make 12 miles per kwh. That's less than 7hp. It doesn't look anywhere near that aerodynamic.
So when it doesn't get 400mpge don't be surprised, or if it only can approach 400mpge at 20mph with no heat or A/C just remember we told you so.
I agree - I don't think a real world car and driver will average within 100 mpge of that claim, it seems more likely they'll see maybe half of that. I drive an EV every day, and although the Lightyear One is lighter and more aerodynamic than mine, it's not that much lighter or aerodynamic, and I can only occasionally baby my Volt above 200 mpge, trying hard in perfect driving conditions

That being said, it's still pretty cool. Heck, I still have my place in line for an Elio!

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