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For me the half tonneau and wing would be what I would really want, but I just couldn't figure out how to make the wing and keep the truck looking somewhat normal. The bed extender idea could be flipped out for driving to work and longer trips and put away for in town jaunts. The truck would still look normal for the most part. The wing would have to be a permanently attached structure and even though would be a perfect conversation starter, would still look a little strange. Makes me wonder if a partial aerocap (pseudo box cavity) with slope and taper of about 6-7 and maybe 12" deep behind the cab and a half tonneau would be a start and adding the flip out bed extender idea later would be feasible? The partial cap/box cavity behind the cab would be permanent but look a little more "normal" than just a wing attached to the top of the cab. Each by itself would be a benefit. I wonder if they would play nice together?

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