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Originally Posted by Snax View Post
I'm thinking cost is less of an issue than potential inaccuracy of the design. Very small changes make a huge difference there, but that may be less important than overall generalized effect - even if it does not end up accurate in real world use. If nothing else, something for my teenager to lean on for a science project at some point perhaps . .

I did score a nice recycling yard find today however of a 4x8 1/8" sheet of black plastic. Not sure it's ABS, as it seems more flexible than that, but it seems a good mix of rigidity and flexibility to conform to simple curves and mild complex ones.

At the very least, I think it would be a decent upgrade for my wheel discs in being solid and less susceptible to cosmetic damage, along with being thinner than the 4 mm stuff I have now. It should work well around the lower suspension arms too.
Yes, that small of a scale tunnel would purely be used to establish trends and not absolutes, and would be compared against CFD, not larger scale tunnels. It would also have an advantage over CFD in the amount of data you could generate over a given time period. CFD is still struggling there as the models are getting more complex, but the solve time is staying about the same.
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