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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Yes vulcanism, solar events and the lack of them are a far greater threat to civilization than climate change.
While the cult of global warming is waiting for climate change to kill us all a volcano could easily pop up, take out hundreds of millions of people, same for a solar driven little ice age.
As far as immediate casualties go,I agree with you,if we're talking super-volcano eruptions,like Yellowstone,or Carson caldera,Nevada.The last ice age saw an 8-degree F lower average global temperature.Some could 'dress' for that.Food production would look different.A Pinatubo or Mt Aguno event would just be a minor cooling for a few years.
We know for a fact that solar irradiance-forcing is only 1/10th that of anthropogenic greenhouse forcing.It cannot compete with man-made emissions as far as warming goes.The Milankovich,solar-orbital forcings are on a minimum of 23,000-year cycle.
If we see a mini-ice age,it will be driven by Arctic,Greenland,and Antarctic meltwater shutting down the thermohaline cycle.And it won't be a 'global' event,only regional,as back in 1550-1850.
If we'd stopped all CO2 emissions in 2005,we'd still see another 1-F global temperature rise by 2105,and up to 110-feet of sea-level rise.
Climate change is already killing.We don't have to wait.

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