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Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
I chose my real estate purchase carefully. My wife wanted a condo right on the bay waters of San Diego. I believe in global warming. So we bought a bit above the expected sea level rise. It saved us about half a million in upfront costs and it will provide beach front property in the near future if you and others are correct in your predictions ( I highly doubt the velocity of the schedules, but . . . I'll play both sides).

Aerohead feels destroying economies to provide stasis for an environment is worthwhile. I feel the environment includes humanity and is beyond the simple expedience of minimizing CO2 emissions. There will be losses for SOMEONE! And I say this as my family is from a Pacific Island and will suffer as much as anyone. Build an economy that allows people to thrive and that will include mobility.
The climatologists and their economic analyses say that it will be business as usual which will bankrupt us,not the cost of climate mitigation.We'll be losing $Trillions with inaction.I'm just a messenger.Haircut now,or decapitation in the future.Koch Industries will decide.
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