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s--t-hole nations

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Anyone saying we've got an obligation to accomodate "displaced" people or that they will be coming at us with pitchforks are either corrupt or ignorant.

We won't just wake up one day with the seas being a foot higher. It incrementally raises over generations. If people can't get out the way over the course of generations, that's on them.

I could easily move to any number of baren locations in the US tomorrow, and the cost of living would be extremely low. Instead, it's the corrupt people who say that the "poor" have the right to live in places like Miami, and that we also need to make sure the seas don't rise and inundate the city. Neither of those statements is true or remotely resembles anything approximating rational thought.
We use twice as much energy,with no better standard of living than Europe.We could cut our energy consumption by half and suffer zero change to our standard of living.Since most energy production is currently tied to fossil-fuel,we could cut a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions and never see a change in the US,while benefiting already marginalized,coastal-dwelling population elsewhere.
It would be a master stoke for domestic economy.It has nothing to do with obligation,just good home economics.
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