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Well, you're doing a good job bonestock!

My car is driven mostly in the flatlands of Louisiana, so I've got no hills to milk for extra fuel economy. With an automatic, I'd probably ruin it if I tried coasting down with the engine off anyway. As it is, my Scanguage reports I'm making 9999 mpg down the tall bridges, so I'll settle for that.

For me, it's a steady 55-58 mph where I can get away with it. Where I can't because of 70-75 mph speed limits and impatient traffic, I run 68 or so and try to find a truck that's going as close to 60 mph as possible and shadow it from two or three hundred yards behind; not close enough to draft him but close enough to keep the road rage down because they can plainly see their problem is him, not me. :-)
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