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Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
I'm curious, what was the performance gain with it locked?
Well I don't have any numbers (yet anyways), but from my experimentation, I feel like the car pulls a little harder once I lock it once I get above 5000 RPM or so. The other benefit is that locking the converter allows me to stay in that gear for a little longer because the RPM's drop a little. Normally I can stay in 2nd gear until around 70, but locked it will go to 76 in 2nd.

The most fun (and possibly most destructive) way to use the manual lockup though is to floor it while it's locked going about 55 or so. The trans slams into 2nd gear hard, the RPM's jump to around 5000 (about where my engine makes peak torque) and it takes off so hard! The way it dramatically slams into 2nd gear and immediately pulls makes the car feel a lot quicker than it is LOL.

However, 2nd gear was the first gear to start going out on my old trans (quickly followed by the rest), so I'm not sure that shifting the trans with the converter is locked is healthy for it. Maybe it was just a coincidence since the trans had 243K miles on it when it died, who knows.
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