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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
Didn't those little toyota's come (optionally) with a small diesel?
I've heard of people on YotaTech doing diesel swaps on their Truck/Hilux/4Runner (I think with the L series?) but I haven't ever heard of someone that's done it with their RV. I always see 20R (in 70s models like the Chinook), 22R in the models immediately following that including some early Dolphins, 22RE easily most common, and late 80s models and up with the 3VZE. I did a lot of research on whether I should get a 4 or a 6; generally speaking there's a tiny bit more torque and hp in the V6, and a tiny bit better FE with the 4cyl. So I went with the 4cyl and figured I could deal with going slow uphill.

I figure I should mention that much like my comment about a trans swap above, an engine swap is not really in the cards, really any modifcation to the vehicle that is gonna cost me more than a few hundred dollars is just not in my budget.
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