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A truck is a truck.

A typical Class C of the late 1980s was 7-9/mpg. So your little box is already “there” as per its specification. Double that of competition that though larger didn’t offer much more except space.

1). New shock absorbers
2). Examine tie rod ends, front end, etc.
3). Adjust out any steering slop at dead-center
4). Exhaust back pressure check.
5). Brake drag
6). Alignment

There’s more, but you’re strapped for now. Must mean California or PAC-Coast. Best is to leave for a better place.

The Moho penalty is in acceleration. Not enough engine. It’s only “right” on the highway. And then at a steady-state 1980s 50-55/mph. Burns too much fuel any faster as it’s working too hard.

The sweet spot isn’t anything but use. Planned use. Moving it as little as possible. And then when traffic is lightest.

As the cost of ground rent is higher than fuel cost, learning to accept what this vehicle, is best. The focus should be on reliability. All new fluids, hoses, belts, filters, spark plugs & wires. New battery & starter cables. NEW VEHICLE GROUNDS. Exterior lamps to LED (priority).

Tire selection should be consultation with dealers. Tread design will matter.

If this vehicle is being used daily to commute and it’s seeing 15-mpg, you’re doing well.

Find schematic and get vehicle electrical grounds REPLACED (or at least cleaned & re-secured). Add a few across doors and hood.
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