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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
1). Expect that diesel pricing will continue to reflect the 1/3-more energetic content of that fuel. THEN make your calculations.

2). Then it comes to use. “Solo, empty”, ISN'T a valid category.

Then IRS applicability.

Against a gasoline big block of 20-yes ago or more, yeah, it’s great. Against today’s gassers, barely.

We built this country without pickups. It’s “need” now is still more “want”. Desire.

The higher risk of accidents (and type) ALWAYS mitigates against pickups. (“Skill” is a laughable counter).
You can make the want/need argument against ANY car, truck, bus, train, airplane, space shuttle etc, ever made. People buy a pickup and then use it for many tasks including (and probably mainly) solo commuting because it's what they have and it works just fine doing it. They probably do need the pickup for a pickup task at some point but people cant have 4 cars to have just the right tool for each job. To claim they somehow aren't safe (especially a modern 2020 1500 series pickup of all types) is just not supported by statics. Basically all vehicle deaths in the USA when you take out no seatbelt use and drunk or drugged driving are less than 10,000 per year for something 300,000,000 people do almost every single day. You know what's not safe, the mail truck I spend 8+ hours a day in, and yet 350,000 of my colleagues dodge that bullet every day. It's not the vechile that is prone to accident it's the drivers.
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