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Yep, i also like the idea of using this tech to electrify a classic.

My "other" vehicle is a 78 vw westfalia - great vehicle but a really old tech aircooled engine with only 70bhp from the factory and lousy mpg. Adding this sort of bolt on tech would be a game-changer for that vehicle (although as it's already RWD it may not be as easy to integrate?)

BTW - i checked with Orbis - the 10k cost is not the full investment you need to make - that's just for the bolt on wheels /motor/brake etc. . You'd still need to buy a battery system on top.

@taylor95 - ok, if i say, got ~50 mile range of of this, so i save half my fuel cost on my commute, might add up to almost 1k per year.. still would take more than 10 years to break even

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