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Originally Posted by fastflyer View Post
Hello, I need to change tires on my bmw e36.
Oem has 205 60 15.
I think on 195 65 15 that is 1.18% taller.
Or 185 65 15 but it's 0.88% smaller.
Lots of A rated tyres in your original size
If you go to B rating, they get a LOT cheaper

I'm running these (in another size though) :
Dunlop Sport BluResponse 205/60 R16 92H

Wear well, drive well
"only" B rated, but also only 50-70% of the price A rated tyres ...

Going taller requires other wheels - you'll never get that price back from the difference in fuel consumption ...

Another option is with 17 wheels, OZ Breyton that they are very aerodynamic:
205 50 17 that is 1.53% taller.
Looks very heavy
And heavy or heavier wheels are no good for FE

17" will be more expensive, killing any Fuel Economy gains (if there are any ...)
GasDwarf's fuel consumption :

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