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Very cool. Last I'd heard he'd gone into real estate development.

Instead of Facebook, I went to DDG

He lost Ron Mathis, his engineer, in 2016 to a bicycle accident.

In 2017 he created Off Lease to remarket off-lease cars off-shore.
Which doesn’t sound like the best business strategy, but Kuttner admits ulterior motives. First, he believes strongly in recycling and reusing.
And, second, he’s the guy who won the X-Prize in 2011, with a super light car that got more than a hundred miles to the gallon. He’s now got a company that will adapt his design to run on electricity, and make these cars in quantity, so he can sell them for just $12,000.

“That puts the car way below the Tesla 3, and where this becomes interesting is because the Very Light Car uses so little energy you can actually end up driving off solar a fair amount, and that becomes a game changer.”

Of course to start manufacturing, he’s going to need money, and he believes the new business will be very profitable. It will also provide a global channel for selling his car.
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