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Well ,, its time,, On Sept 5 I have to turn it back in..
Sparky the Bright Blue Wonder car (Daughters named it... ) will RIP..
2013 to 2019...

Too bad,, from an overall livability perspective its one of the most useful vehicles I've owned. Its going to the dealer to be Picked up for destruction by LKQ.

Far as I could find out ,, they are crushing them,, supposedly certain cars are being stripped and the parts sent back to Honda.. (Motors/batteries etc.. )

It has 58000 miles on it now. The battery is down about 8% below new.

Both Daughters love driving the car, (2nd in college starting this fall)

I still hate the head unit,

But for overall comfort in a small car,, cheap to operate, almost zero maintenance.

I averaged about 30 bucks a month to charge it,, it became the car for pretty much all our local errands. MY youngest has run all over the area with it and she got pretty savvy about where free charging was available.

In sport mode 0-60 is 8.4 average over 15 runs.
Handles better than our gas fit, the extra 700 lbs 4" off the road helps..

I wish I could keep the chassis,, it would make a rocking hot rod with all the heavy duty parts,, make a great autocross or road race car..

Or a tesla motor and a creative battery layout.. Nobody would be expecting it.. LOL

It will be missed ,, my Daughters are bummed about it going away..

Having it for 2 years really has me looking at another EV,, just haven't settled on the right one. I'm considering a 2016 Chevy Spark.. its kinda the closest thing to the fit.. The I3 is interesting too.. But the $$ are a bit tough.

If it has a motor its worth playing with.......
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