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Nitrous oxide is similar to LPG. It is a liquid once compressed.

1 meter cube of natural gas is roughly 1 lilter of gasoline.

10 liter scooba tank, compressed to 200 bars takes 2000 liters or 2 meter cubes or 2 liters worth of fuel.

Now, most ecomodders comsume very little fuel. 3.3 liters per 100 km (the 70 mpg challenge in the other thread) is not too uncommon.

If you have a 50 km commute you would need 1.65 liters of fuel or 1.65 m^3 of natural gas.

That can be stored in a couple of air mattresses if you decide to go not low pressure but ambient pressure NG. It would take up the whole of the back seats and the trunk... but over here it will be 1/4 the price.

I shall try to give it a go when / if I find time. (in a diesel, fumigated to the intake as supplemental fuel)
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