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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
The way cars are designed these days

The Dwarf got rear-ended by a Volvo
(there's some irony in that, seeing as it replaced my Volvo ...)
Other than a slightly dislocated bumper, and a damaged plastic underbody part, you can see bugger all on it from the outside ...

Yet ...

There's 4000+ € in repair costs, on a rather generous 6300€ remaining value
(actually, the asking price of the single second-hand CNG VW up! available online in Belgium , but with only 2/3rds my kilometers)

So for the insurance, it's an economical write-off ...
I agree but in the case of Tesla (extra heavy, with aluminum over unibody) it means it (along with any other cars going this route) are going to be expensive to repair with minor collisions and therefore unavoidably more expensive to insure. The trucks being built with aluminum escape this by having the traditional steel frame underneath and available and easy to replace panels on top.

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